“What the heck does it mean to be an adult in the first place?” ~ Neru

Hello people!!

We are here again with another release, yay!

we will try to stick to a schedule for as long as possible, so you guys will know when to expect new chapters from us :)

Enjoy the release and thanks for your supports and comments :)

As always, please help us out in any way if you can :)
We are still in dire need of editors, translators, typesetters, cleaners, more editors and so on…

For any questions or concerns or anything that bugs you, feel free to email us at:
You can also join us on slack, the invitation link is located at the left side of our website

Chapter 27

Chapter 11: Part 2

Chapter 16

Chapter 25

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  1. Cryon9 says:

    Thank you for the chapter of I-Ren!

  2. 0gattomiao says:

    Thank you a lot for I-ren, I see the end is coming ç_ç

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