“What kind of insufferable fool DROPS a hotdog?”

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Hey guys so this week we have a lot of releases. Haha, jokes on you if you don’t read Socks Goblin cuz that’s it for this week (also we’re finally finishing Yoshiwara). Oh and also, after chapter 21, we’ll be jointing with Tribuo Scans for Socks Goblin so maybe we’ll release that more often.

Dethati, the winner of the contest, requested that we release Witch Shop so that’ll be out next week (stay tuned)! He also likes Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, but we have no translators for that project (so you know, if you can help, hello).

There’s no contest this week (maybe I’ll think of another stupid question next month), but there is a new poll. You don’t get anything if you answer the poll, but don’t let that discourage you from voting.

But you know what’s the best surefire way to get your favorite projects released?
Apply to work for us because we need Proofreaders, Editors and Translators AND we have a Pie … hohoho
I’ll be honest because it seems like a lot of people want to know…we mostly need typesetters!

For any questions or concerns or anything that bugs you, feel free to email us at:

If you just feel like ranting and ranting and ranting, drop by our chat room which is located at the left side of our website.


Chapter 16                                  Chapter 11
Chapter 17                                  Chapter 12
Chapter 18                                  Chapter 13 [END]
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21

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3 thoughts on ““What kind of insufferable fool DROPS a hotdog?”

  1. Thanks so much for your group’s hard work and the releases! Congratulations on the completion of Yoshiwara, you guys have done great work. All the best until the next time!

    1. *tears of joy*
      Such encouraging words!!! Its like saying ” now you guys go back to work to finished the rest so we can enjoy em” :p But thank you really for dropping by!!! It feels great to know you guys read our releases and check our website! n_n

  2. The quote got me XD Keep it going guys! (I might be back for a few months from now… I think?) …….. *Vanishes again*

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