To Attract A Junior

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Title:To Attract A Junior, 한살연하 유혹하기, Cậu ấy nhỏ hơn một tuổi
Author: HWANG Mi Ri
Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Length: 9 volumes (complete)
RUSSIAN by Cherry Manga
FRENCH by Magic Scan & Sumire no Team
SPANISH by DuetLilien

Jung Jae Ih, 19 years old, is the Jiang of Sao Sung High. She is strange and very interesting, and of course her love life is not a boring one either…

4 Responses

  1. mstar18 says:

    Just read the new releases..and they were great really enjoyed them…thank you for taking the time to do the new releases =)

  2. Jae Line says:

    Hi ! I’m very impatient to read the next chapters ! Hope that you doesn’t give up the project ! Be brave ! \o/

    • nomeamez says:

      FS has a no drop policy. I think this project was fully translated. We just need cleaners and typesetters to work on it. Well if you join our group that means you can read and work on the full story xX

  3. manhwalover says:

    continue the project please :( this manhwa is awesome.

    anyway, how do we join to be a cleaner in this project?

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