The early bird catches the worm; if the worm is not late…

Lil Nemo on being late on class….

Hello lovely readers!

First of all, sorry for being away for so long!!! Y_Y this and that happened irl so yeah, sigh!!! Anyways, I’m back… whooootttt

Just FYKI!!!

There are at least 5 different Project/Pyjamas Manager (tho all on hiatus I think… xD) which means release time varies on the PJMs time zone… I was able to swim fast today from work to FS Head Quarters to do the release unfortunately when I got there, someone called and we ended up talking and the rest is history… xD… so meh on being early…

And oh yeah… As you know, we are still in need of Indo TL for a certain project… Don’t be shy and drop us a message… You know you want to… We have cookies~~~

We are also in dire need of Editors, Proofreaders and Translators, so don’t forget to apply :)

If anyone ever reads our ranting, thank you… xD if not, reeeaaddd iiittttt…… and so here you go with today’s release…

For any questions or concerns you can email us at:
Drop by to our chat room which is located at the left side of our website.

Hugs and huggles,

Chapter 86
Chapter 87
Chapter 88


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10 thoughts on “The early bird catches the worm; if the worm is not late…

    1. awww!!!thank you so much for the support and droppin a comment… love reading em… n_n… appreciate it huggles

  1. Thanks for the translations, but would you guys mind coordinating with mangacow? I realize translation is hard work and feel that neither of your groups should spend the time and effort translating the same chapters.

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