Spirit of the Ocean

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Title: 碧海精灵, 碧海精靈, El Espiritu del Mar, Mảnh Gương Cổ.
Author: Yi Huan
Genre: Historical  Romance  Shoujo
Length: 9 Volumes (Complete)
FRENCH by MagicScan
SPANISH by DuetLilien

This fantastic story took place in the incredible Ming Dynasty of Imperial China. Ning Haier is a reckless pirate girl whose father is the leader of Ning Citadel — the most powerful pirate den of the Southern Sea. One day, Haier led a band of pirates and looted a Spanish ambassador ship while her father was away. There she met a very handsome English man named Michael, who was a very talented translator and an extremely intelligent merchant on the ship. Marveled by Haier’s beauty and character, Michael attempts to win over Haier’s heart but failed! However, opportunity arose when Haier was captured by the new governor named Shao Zhixun, who vowed to annihilate piracy from China’s seas forever. Michael was able to convince Shao Zhixun that Haier is just an innocent maiden who was impressed into piracy… and Shao Zhixun arranged a position for Haier in his own household! Even more interesting, Haier’s father captured Michael and planned to collaborate with the charismatic and capable young man, and offered Haier as Michael’s bride!

12 Responses

  1. Ani says:

    Isn’t Transcendence already doing this one?

  2. sarafb says:

    love this manga when is the next chapter coming out? Thanks for the hard work

  3. ghost_zero5 says:

    @Ani from what I read Transcendence is giving this one to Friendship Scans.

  4. maroadrunner says:

    thank you for this chapter. I like the manhua very much.

  5. tam says:

    Thank you very much for continuing this manhua. I love it very much!

  6. Hanh says:

    I still love this manga very much! Please continue. Thank you.

  7. ZerYa says:

    is the download broken? 404 page not found

  8. WhoIs says:

    Was this series just completed and then abandoned?

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