Scarlet Palace

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Title: Scarlet Palace, 緋色王城
Author: Yi Huan
Genre: Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Gender Bender, Drama
Length: 5 Volumes (Ongoing)
SPANISH by Scarlett Palace

As the war-torn kingdoms vie for power in Ancient China, a deadly yet beautiful struggle also emerges in the seraglio of the King Xun, the King of Ding! In order to gain the terrifying King Xun’s favor, Ninghu’s family is determined to make her the future Queen, but King Xun is not interested in his concubines at all.

Not willing to become just another neglected concubine, Ninghu disguises herself as an eunuch servant to her brother Yuanren, the second most powerful eunuch and adviser in the kingdom. However, the moment that she enters the Scarlet Palace, Lingyu, the most influential and favored eunuch, suspects that she is a girl and begins to investigate her!

With the mysterious death of Lingyu’s original servant, Ninghu decides to become Lingyu’s personal servant in hope to approach King Xun. However, King Xun is absent from the palace, and as time goes on, Lingyu and Ninghu becomes more and more attracted to each other! Could they have fallen in love with each other?!

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    Scarlet Palace Vol 5
    Dreaming together with thee*
    *the character used in this case is a familiar and very ancient/formal way to address a male, usually a lover or husband

    Chapter 25 — The Light at the End of Darkness

    pg 6
    Ministers/Servants: His Majesty returns!

    pg 7
    Servants: The expression on the King’s face is truly frightening…
    Servant: Oh!
    Servant: I’ve just heard…
    Servant: At that time when Genersl Zhao refused to pursue Lady Jing… …

    Zhaolin: The rebels still wish to injure Your Majesty,
    Zhaolin: Your minister has no choice but to stay at your side.

    Zhaolin: Your Majesty’s safety at present of the utmost importance.

    Zhaolin: Please consider Zhaolin unable to fulfill this command.

    Xun: Is that so? Then…

    pg 8
    Xun: We will go our self.
    Zhaolin: Your Majesty the King!

    Servant: It is said that the King rode towards the east for more than 50 li*…
    *t/n li (usually translated as a mile)– 420-520m, so as an ending comic YiHuan herself states this is approximately 25 km.
    Servant: returning to the palace only at dawn.

    pg 9
    [Yuanren bows to Xun]
    Yuanren: At present the entire capital has been overturned for any leads to Lord Ling’s whereabouts.
    Yuanren: And a number of suspects have be apprehended.

    Yuanren: Without a doubt we will find who plotted this.

    pg 10
    [Huaiqi kneels in front of Xun at a formal hearing]
    Huaiqi: Your Majesty the King.
    Huaiqi: Huaiqi has never had any intention of harming Your Majesty.
    Xun: We know.

    pg 11
    Xun: You had only wanted them to kill Ninghu.
    Xun: But after Juhuan’s death,
    Xun: They had no choice but to loathe us.

    Xun: As long as there is an instigator,
    Xun: They would have seized any opportunity.

    Xun: They should have been content with tending Juhuan’s tomb,
    Xun: as now we cannot leave anyone alive.

    Xun: And you…
    Xun: can no longer become the Queen of Ding.

    pg 12
    Huaiqi thinks: An instigator…?
    Huaiqi thinks: A person who could instill the thought to kill…
    Huaiqi thinks: Could it be…

    Huaiqi: Your Majesty!
    Xun: Huaiqi!

    Xun: Enough is enough.
    Xun: Leave this place,
    Xun: and return to Qi!

    Xun: You had wanted Ninghu’s death…
    Xun: For this we cannot forgive you.

    pg 13
    Huaiqi thinks of Lingyu: So it’s like this…
    This person next to the King…
    has used me.

    Huaiqi: Let us go!
    Maid: My lady?
    Huaiqi: Let’s return to Qi!

    Huaiqi: It’s well past time…
    Huaiqi: to awaken from this dream.

    pg 14
    Maid: My lady, please enter the carriage!
    Huaqi thinks: Your Majesty…

    [Huaiqi’s memories]
    Xun: Return to Qi!
    Huaiqi: Your Majesty! I don’t want to become Queen!

    pg 15
    [Huaiqi’s memories]
    Huaiqi: Why does Your Majesty insist on me leaving?
    Huaiqi: The person I love loves another,
    Huaiqi: Why pile yet another hardship on me?

    Xun: Huaiqi…
    Xun: We in the past did not understand…
    Xun: But now…
    Xun: We share your pain.

    Xun: So…
    Xun in memories: Don’t suffer here anymore.

    Zhaolin: To answer Your Majesty.
    Zhaolin: Lady Huaiqi has left for Qi.

    Zhaolin: The ones of Qi with the intent of assassination has been put to death.
    Zhaolin: Not one of them would point to the instigator.

    Xun: Just as well.

    Xun: Zhaolin…
    Xun: Actually you knew well before,
    Xun: no?

    Zhaolin: Zhaolin cannot hide it from Your Majesty.
    Zhaolin: Your Majesty should confer punishment.

    pg 17
    Xun: This plot to use Huaqi…
    Xun: To rid us of the people of Qi who may in the future disturb the peace.

    Xun: It’s only something Lingyu would do…
    Xun: And only something he could do.

    Zhaolin: Your Majesty…

    Xun: Forcing Huaiqi to leave…
    Taking Ninghu away…
    It’s all part of his scheme.

    Xun thinks: Following what is in my heart…
    …is only permitted in my dreams.

    Xun: Zhaolin,
    Xun: Our proclamation is…

    pg 18
    Yuanren: Your Majesty the King.
    Yuanren: That those malcontents from Qi could be dissatisfied with their lot is unbelievable…
    Yuanren: It’s fortunate that Your Majesty is unharmed.

    Xun (more politely that expected from royal speech): We have caused you worry.

    Yuanren: From this…
    Yuanren: one can see that Lady Huaiqi is an inappropriate candidate for becoming Queen.

    pg 19
    Yuanren: Yuanren again implores Your Majesty…
    Yuanren: to bring Lady Jing back as fast as possible.
    Yuanren: Yuanren believes that Lady Jing is the only suitable person to become the Queen of Ding.

    Xun: Many apologies, but that is impossible.
    Yuanren: Your Majesty?

    Xun: We have just issued an proclamation…
    Xun: Lady Jing was caught up in the Qi rebel’s coup,
    Xun: and unfortunately died under their hand.
    Xun: We ourselves gave chase for 50 li without avail.

    pg 20
    Yuanren: Lady Jing has died?
    Yuanren: Your Majesty… is permitting them to elope?
    Yuanren: Your Majesty should be most aware…
    Yuanren: that Ninghu was abducted by Lingyu.

    Yuanren: (You) should have let Ninghu become Queen,
    Yuanren: to bear Yuanren’s child.
    Yuanren: That was Yuanren’s one and only request
    Yuanren: Even if Your Majesty regrets it, do he know the consequences?

    Xun: You want to force Ding into a war with Xia?
    Xun: Or do you want the throne?

    Xun: Unfortunately the Ding of today is not the weak country of yesterday, nor are we the same ruler we were three years ago.
    Xun: If our royal brother should see us as the enemy…

    pg 21
    Xun: he should give it a try.

    pg 22
    Linglu: I’ve returned!
    Lingyu: What had you learned?
    Linglu: It is said that the rebels have been put to death.
    Linglu: and that a certain royal consort has returned to Qi.

    Lingyu: Huaiqi…
    her way of thinking is too naive.
    Lingyu: I was always on the look out for those Qi rebels,
    Lingyu: Huaiqi’s selfishness has killed them all.

    pg 23
    Lingyu: The King, by being soft enough to let those people to go alive,
    Lingyu: will just bring further calamity on himself.

    Linglu: Lingyu…
    Lingyu: No matter what…
    Lingyu: I must help the King root out all the seeds of trouble.

    Linglu: If you’re on that course…
    Linglu: we really will be hunted by every citizen of Qi…

    Linglu: Hehe! I’ve managed to ramble nonsense again!
    Linglu: Qi is so big,
    Linglu: How could anyone pick us out?

    Lingyu: Elder brother…

    Linglu: As soon as we return,
    I will be really happy!

    Lingyu: Brother Linglu…

    Linglu: But right now is the most dangerous time.
    Linglu: It’s fortunate that your plans were complete,
    and that you had people posing as us fleeing in every direction.

    Linglu: Even then, who would have thought…
    in the midst of escaping, an arrow would hunt us from the palace walls.

    pg 25
    Linglu: Quite unbelievable once you think about it…
    Linglu: Who would have that mastery of archery?

    Linglu: The sky was so dark…
    Linglu: to shoot at us from so far and so high up.

    Linglu: In the whole capital…
    Linglu: even among the Ding King’s elite troops…
    Linglu: not one person has that level of skill!

    Linglu: Fortunately it merely hit a body double.
    Linglu: Or you two would have died by that person’s hand!

    pg 26
    Lingyu: Ninghu?

    Ninghu: You were speaking of body doubles…
    and skill in archery…
    Linglu Of course not!
    Linglu: Ah-Ning*!
    t/n: Ah- is a endearment prefix used in family
    Linglu: You shouldn’t worry.
    Linglu: I was just saying I’ve never seen anyone with that kind of skill.

    pg 27
    SD Lingyu: “Ah-” Ning?
    SDLinglu: That’s how we address people in the family!
    [Ninghu blushes]
    Linglu: Right, no? Lingyu!
    Linglu: Elder brother?

    Ninghu thinks: In the pitch black darkness…
    …the skill to hit a bird in flight….
    [Yuanren in her memories obligingly demonstrates]

    pg 28
    Ninghu’s dad: Ninghu, did you see that?
    Child Ninghu: I saw it, Papa!
    Ninghu’s dad: Yuanren’s skill in archery must be the best in the capital…
    No…it could be said to be the best in Ding!
    Child Ninghu: Of course it is!
    Ninghu thinks: If Brother Yuanren were to enter the military,
    Child Ninghu: Brother Yuanren!
    Ninghu thinks: He would have been a general who would awe the eight directions.

    pg 29
    Lingyu: Ninghu?

    Ninghu: Our body doubles…are their injuries severe?
    Linglu: Don’t worry, those two people only had superficial wounds.

    Linglu: The arrow shot in darkness was powerful indeed,
    yet it only grazed the two.
    Maybe they both have good luck,
    or that person’s mastery of archery is less extraordinary than we think!

    Ninghu thinks: It was Brother Yuanren’s
    …show of leniency.

    pg 30
    Lingyu: Go to sleep earlier!
    Ninghu: My lord!
    Lingyu: We still have a far ways to go to get to Qi.

    Lingyu: Don’t say “my lord” any more.
    Lingyu: We must hide our previous identities.
    Ninghu: I…can’t change that quickly…

    Lingyu: Ninghu…
    Lingyu: I know you are very scared…
    but all I could do was take you out of there.

    pg 31
    Lingyu: Should we pass the actual territories of Ding,
    the King’s men will no longer be able to find us.
    Ninghu: My lord…
    I am not frightened by His Majesty’s pursuing soldiers.
    Ninghu: I’m scared that…
    You’ll disappear from my sight once again.
    Ninghu: Please…
    Don’t ever leave me!

    pg 32
    Linglu: Let’s stop here for a while!
    Linglu: To hear the latest news from the capital…
    and to inquire into the safety of the roads ahead.
    Lingyu: Got it, elder brother.

    Lingyu: Ninghu?
    What are you looking at?
    Ninghu: It’s only…
    my first time being so far away.

    pg 33
    Lingyu: Ninghu.
    Ninghu: My lord!
    Lingyu: Don’t call me “my lord” anymore.
    Ninghu: ah…
    Lingyu: Elder brother has said that the news from the capital…
    LIngyu: His Majesty’s proclamation is that you’ve died under the hands of those rebels from Qi.
    Ninghu: What?

    pg 34
    Lingyu: Really, when added to the previous incident of the Jings…
    Lingyu: You’ve passed away twice already.
    Ninghu: The King, he…

    Ninghu: The King’s intent…is not to purse us anymore?
    He knows that I have followed you in leaving?

    Lingyu: It stands to reason!
    This way no one will be hunting us to go back.

    Ninghu: The King is actually…
    a gentle man.
    Lingyu: Gentle?

    Ninghu: The closer one gets to the King…
    the more one realizes he isn’t ruthless as in the rumours.
    Ningyu: My lord has once asked me not to perceive the King like everyone else,
    Ningyu: I now see why.

    Lingyu: Even if the King was even better he’s still another man.
    And you are his wife.
    Lingyu: You are seriously oblivious to my anguish?*
    (t/n Lingyu’s refering to the fact Ninghu’s only been mentioning the King this, the King that in the conversation)
    Ninghu: The King and I, we have never…

    Lingyu: I know.
    But the King is truly in love with you.
    Lingyu: If you were together with him,
    I would be relieved.
    Ninghu: My lord shouldn’t spout nonsense!
    Lingyu: Don’t call me “my lord.”
    Ninghu: I…
    Lingyu: Just forget it.
    Lingyu: Actually…
    Lingyu: I like it when you address me as such.
    Lingyu: Reminds me…
    of a certain personal aide who had no fear of death.

    pg 37
    Lingyu: Whom I would toy with…
    And if I didn’t think too much about it at the time…
    Would have made a move on sooner.

    Ninghu: Lord Lingyu!

    pg 38
    [Ninghu and Lingyu are seriously going at it]
    Lingyu: Ninghu…
    NInghu: My lord…

    pg 39
    LIngyu: You said once…
    Lingyu: Because I was an eunuch,
    you would deny being a woman to be with me.
    Lingyu: Now that you know I am a man…
    Lingyu: Are you willing to become my woman?
    Ninghu: My lord…!

    pg 40
    Lingyu thinks: You can only be mine…
    Even if the King loves you…

    pg 41
    Lingyu thinks: You must only join with me…

    pg 42
    Yuanren: Still no trace of them?
    Dixiang: Your Highness…
    Dixiang: Dixiang is afraid that they have crossed the borders of Ding…
    ..and that our men cannot hope to catch up.
    Yuanren: No…
    They will not have left Ding.
    Dixiang: Your Highness?

    Yuanren: Lingyu…
    is the most steadfast follower of the King.
    Yuanren: It is by his hands,
    that we have the Ding King we have today.
    He cannot leave with hesitation.
    Yuanren (voice over cuts to Xun looking off in the distance): The King knows that deep in his heart.
    Yuanren: Therefore he proclaimed Ninghu’s death,
    and does not permit anyone to mention the whole affair again.
    Yuanren: He does this to protect the two…

    pg 44
    Yuanren thinks: Ninghu…
    Because of her,
    I could turn back on this endlessly dark road of revenge..
    and see the light.

    Yuanren: I’ve waited so long for this…
    How could I let that man of Qi snatch it away?

    pg 45
    Yuanren: Lingyu will never reveal a flaw.
    Yuanren We will have to wait for his brother to.

    Dixiang: Lingyu’s elder brother…

    Dixiang: That person has a lot of connections in the capital,
    some of which intersect with ours.
    Yuanren: Find them as soon as possible.
    Dixiang: Yes, your highness.

    Yuanren thinks: You must know now, Ninghu
    Because I saw that those people were not you,
    I did not kill them.
    So they could serve as a reminder to you…

    pg 46
    Yuanren thinks: If you want to fool around…
    there is a price to pay.

    when you must return to my side.

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