☆ Release #16

Hello fellow readers!

Here’s a small release for you all! A few of the admins have been sick, so there isn’t much chapters for you this time. Anyway, hope you enjoy this release even though the chapters are lesser than what we usually give out.

Now moving on to the announcements ( ´ ▽ ` ) !


We are in dire need of translators, cleaners, and typesetters!
If you want to have fun and want to give back to the manga community, it’s your time to shine. (´。• ᵕ •。`)

NOTE: If there's a specific project you want to do, do not 
hesitate to tell us once you submit your recruitment e-mail!


We’re picking up a few projects this time!

Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri  This is a shoujo manga! Feel free to check it out here. We might be able to release it next time if we have enough staff for it!

Tale of the Bamboo Cutter  It’s a short manga about the old japanese folklore! We also might be able to get a few chapters out next time. Feel free to ask out if you want to help out!

Please do join our slack chatroom!
The link is available in the upper left corner of our website!

Chapter 38

Chapter 6


Chapter 11


Chapter 36


Chapter 51

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