Chouchou Jiken

Shouoto Aya / Otomate, Red, SHOUOTO Aya


Showa 5th Year, Yokohama–. After the Great War, in this country where a dreary shadow was cast by the militaristic tides, Yokohama that was able to spectacularly develop with overflowing exoticism. But One night, the public sprang out from the shocking case of many slaughtered bodies of girl student from prestigious school. Kouzuki Elena came to Yokohama prior that she had received her her admission into Ieva Girls School . Elena who had no relatives, not knowing that it was an invitation to deceive prepared by those who wanted the hidden truth behind her "scent" that she doesn't even know. That "scent"will capture “them”, and make them crazy and lose their mind. The Secret is Honey. Even if that is a Sweet Poison–.