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Dolphins sleep with one eye open!

Hello dear readers~ As scheduled, here are 5 more releases this week. I hope you enjoy them :). And as I mention every week, we are still (and always will be…) recruiting! We are especially in need of translators. Visit our recruitment page or forum for more details! Thanks again for your support, and be sure to stop by […]


Hello Readers! Here are some more releases! This week, and from now on, we will only be releasing 5 chapters due to staff insufficiency. If we get more staff then we will be able go back to our 7 chapter releases, so if you are interested, we are always recruiting all positions. If you don’t […]


Hello everybody~ This is our second release of 2013, I hope you will all enjoy it :). If you haven’t noticed the post below this one, please notice it. We are desperately looking for translators (especially Japanese, we have none) and other positions. So if you can, please consider joining us. As you know, you […]

Happy 2013 and New Site!

Happy 2013 everybody! Hope you had a great year! We hope to start the new year off great so here are 25 releases! The links lead to our new online reader which also has direct download links available! We are also debuting 2 new projects, Kadafuu Raiden and Diabolic Garden; we hope you enjoy them […]

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