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Hey Look! Releases! Finally…

Hello readers~~~ Ehehe we are a little later than usual today, sorry about that ORZ. But hey, it’s still Tuesday in American Samoa… To use Kat’s metaphor of the chapters being actors, well some of the actors backstage got into a fight and nearly killed each other. We, the directors, were scrambling to pull them […]

The Show Must Go On~~~

A Warm-up Reading Exercise for Everyone~~~ Alien World War II Author: Nomeamez Status: Undergoing separation anxiety from her Kraken XD Can it be prevented? As everyone is aware of, whatever scrape of evidence left as to the beginning or real reason behind the Alien WarTheory has already been lost amidst the thick pile of dust,raws,cleans,ts,tl,qc […]

It’s Still Tuesday Somewhere~~

Hear yeh, hear yeh, and let thy voice be heard by all for the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. THE RELEASE DAY~~~ And so, before I get lost in this pile of work and of anything else, we would like to greet Evil Flowers a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY SOOO HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (tho […]

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