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It’s Still Tuesday Somewhere~~

Hear yeh, hear yeh, and let thy voice be heard by all for the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. THE RELEASE DAY~~~ And so, before I get lost in this pile of work and of anything else, we would like to greet Evil Flowers a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY SOOO HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (tho […]

Let’s Read Under Our Umbrella~~~

Rain rain go away~~ Come again some other day~~ Readers here wants to read~~~ Rain rain go away~~ Hello readers! Happy Twisted Tuesday for everyone~~~ First of all, we would like to announce, the top 3 series that got the highest number of votes. Tadah!!! 1st: Drops of Dreams, The Golden Bird Cage 2nd: Wedding […]

The Bear Corner (●`・(エ)・´●)

Harro-desu~! I’m Bear and welcome to Jackass.. kidding! I’ll be posting my works here from now and then, please comment and you can watch me on Devianart Here is my account: http://dmartsmuro.deviantart.com/ YAY! If you have any request please drop by and message me here, on facebook and/or in my e-mail: marianoclyde@yahoo.com   Thankies, Mrbear16   […]

No one see that coming eh~~~

Hello ~~~ It’s Time for Tuesday reading everyone~~~ :D Here we are again with 7 releases :3. Yehey!! (bg music: big round of applause) Let’s greet Sera-sensei a Happy Yehey Birthday!! (Although her birthday is on the 20th) Here in FS, we have the whole week of celebrating it. :P Wherever you are, whatever you […]

The average cat has 24 whiskers

New releases \o/~~~~ Hello Readers, Here comes Tuesday again…and we are back with 7 more releases…please enjoy them :). In addition, since another group has decided to pick up Doraemon, we are sad to say that this will be our last release of our childhood favorite. We will be placing it on hiatus until the […]

Re-translations! Please read!

Hello all, We regret to say that we’ve lost our the list of other language groups re-translating our projects; since we haven’t heard anything from the re-translation groups, we will be restarting our list on a blank page. :) All groups are welcome to use our translations as long as you properly ask permission by […]

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