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Treasure the friends you have now because the future is a long road that only you can walk till the end.

Hi Readers! Let’s say “Goodbye” to September and “Welcome” to October by doing a release! I wish all of you a good month ahead. Enjoy these chapters! Thank you Yuanjie for helping with Glass shoes’ translation and this week’s chapter of The Descendant of the Dynasty is dedicated to Ms.Tereya, congratulations on her first proofreaded chapter to […]

We are…kind of back!

Hello Readers, It’s been a while since our last release but we’re …kind of back! Our release is here now! I’m a newbie learning how to release but I’ll handle things here until cow comes back (Please come back soon!). Sorry for the delay and I hope you enjoy these chapters. Also we really need […]

Life is ephemeral, so is love.

Hello readers, I’m back from vacation~~ And we kind of forgot to release this week (heh). But the release is here now! Also we really need staff! We need pretty much everything (especially translators, proofreaders, cleaners, typesetters, quality checkers…oh wait…). We also have a new position, so check out our recruitment page for more details! […]

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