My Lovely Master

Title: My Lovely Master, 나의 사랑스런 주인님, Nam châm tình yêu
Author: Han Yu Rang
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Length: 14 Volumes (Complete)
FRENCH by Mangafake
SPANISH by Dark Paradise Fansub

Summary: (If I can make money, I will do anything)
I can sell (give up on) my love, or risk my life.
You want to use me as a tool to revenge your little brother [or sister]?
Here, I will be used. Buy me.
I am very expensive.

Eun Hyool, you said you will do anything if you get paid?
I will buy every single piece of you.
From now on, you are my slave.
But, I will refuse your heart.

These two are getting used to each other by endlessly running against each other.
Love that formed through quarrels is risky like a flower at the end of a cliff!

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