My Brother, Boyfriend, and He

Title: My Brother and Boyfriend, and He, 오빠와 남친과 그녀석!, Anh, bạn trai và người ấy
Author: YEON Young-Hee
Artist: HWANG Mi Ri
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Length: 10 volumes (complete)
RUSSIAN by Cherry Manga
FRENCH by MagicScan
SPANISH by Sora no enogu Fansub

Brother always reject girls around him! Despite having an ideal boyfriend by her side, his charm is still not enough to attract her, because he is always by her side…

9 thoughts on “My Brother, Boyfriend, and He

    1. Hello milkcoffee, thank you for visiting and supporting us! Recently there has been a bit of chaos over here at FS Scans with the merge and all, we have a lot of projects to deal with. Please understand >.<! This project and a few others are on hiatus for a few weeks until we get ourselves back together. Please check back soon, we will have lots of releases for our half birthday celebration!

  1. THank you so much for the new chapter of my favourite manhwa. I like it and wait for new chapters. I congratulate your group with your birthday. Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Hi!
    Is there some chance, that this project will get completed?
    It just unbelievable interesting what’s will be next…

    1. We are in desperate need for cleaners for the project, so it might be on hiatus for a while unless another scanlation would like to continue it.

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