Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness.

Quote by George Orwell


Surprise! An early release this week! Congrats to Dethati for winning last week’s contest, Why Cow should become a cannibal! So, Dethati, whenever you see this, let us know what your favorite project is and we will do our best to release some chapters this week or next (unless of course your favorite project is one of those hopeless ones)…if you want you can choose more than one and we’ll see what we can do with that.

For those who submitted but did not win, thanks for your entries! I enjoyed reading every one of them. I’ll try to post more fun things in the future, so stay tuned…

Also, in case you guys haven’t noticed, we’ve just brought comments on project pages back! So, feel free to make comments/have discussions about your favorite projects on their respective pages!

This week we are finally releasing an old favorite, Drops of Dreams! We really need a translator for this project! I quality checked that chapter this week guys…it’s a real doozy. So please help us out if you can! We are also releasing The Other Side of the Milky Way this week. This is the last chapter we have until this project has to go on hiatus! We don’t have raws for the rest of the series, so if anyone could help us out with this problem, we would be very appreciative!

But you know what’s the best surefire way to get your favorite projects released? (you don’t even need to answer my dumb question!)
Apply to work for us because we need Proofreaders, Editors and Translators AND we have a Pie … hohoho

For any questions or concerns or anything that bugs you, feel free to email us at:
If you just feel like ranting and ranting and ranting, drop by our chat room which is located at the left side of our website.


Crab Kiss
Chapter 17                                   Chapter 11                             Chapter 6
Chapter 18

Chapter 20
Chapter 21

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7 thoughts on “Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness.

  1. I never thought that I’ll see new chapters of Dear school gang leader. Thank you! Got to go read now the excitement is killing me :D

    1. Im afraid for the time being, that would be the last chapter we can release due to unavailability of raws Y___Y

  2. Thank you so much for drops of dreams golden birdcage. It is absolutely my favourite (with descendants of the dynasty) of your publications. I’ve been checking every release you have as soon as possible for chapters. Thank you!

    1. thanks so much for the support and patience xD we will try our best to release them faster >.> hopefully more translators and editors join us to make this happen xD

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