Love with your brain and not your heart because hearts can be transplanted nowadays

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Love with your brain and not your heart because hearts can be transplanted nowadays

Dear readers,

We have lots of releases again this week (even though we are a little late)! Enjoy!

Also we really need staff!
We need pretty much everything (especially translators, proofreaders, cleaners, typesetters, quality checkers…oh wait…). We also have a new position, so check out our recruitment page for more details!

Kindly check our recruitment page for the tests and more details (click the link below)
Please help us out by donating! We use donations for raws and to host our site and reader. The donation button is at the right side of the page!
And although donations do help, don’t forget, we also need raw providers/scanners!

For any questions, e-mail us at
Drop by to our chat room which is located at the left side of our website.

Cowsarenice and staff

Chapter 39                                Chapter 9.2                                 Chapter 60

Chapter 17                                  Chapter 11
Chapter 18

4 Responses

  1. koala1976 says:

    Thanks a lot for this week release, especially, as always, for the HMR proyect and Song of the Doll, I love that story :). Thanks again for the hard work and i wish you a happy week :*************

  2. maroadrunner says:

    thanks for the releases especially for Tiara.

  3. Lia Rosa says:

    Thank you very much for the releases. Oh Chunja is one of my favorites. Keep up the good work :) … Now I just have to survive until next week when the new releases will be out :D I wander what wonderful updates I will be reading ….. if the excitement does not kill me until then…..

  4. zaira says:

    Thank you so much :)

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