Kiri no Mori Hotel

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Title: Kiri no Mori Hotel, きりのもりほてる, 霧の森ホテル
Author: Shinohara Chie
Genre: Mystery  Romance  Shoujo
Length: 2 Volumes (ongoing)
ITALIAN by Manga Cosmo
SPANISH by Himitsu Atelier

Nobody know where it is, but it’s a place that offers shelter to those who hate their lives or are trapped in the labyrinth of their own hearts… a mysterious hotel. Even now, those who are tired of their lives come to stay in the “Kiri no Mori” Hotel…

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  1. Yin says:

    Umm.. for chapter 4.2 of this manga, it’s listed that your the scanlator, so on page 8 of that chapter, there are some untranslated raw text of vietnamese?

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