Just A Smile is Very Alluring

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Title: Just a Smile is Very Alluring, 微微一笑很倾城
Author: Gu Man, 漫娱
Genre: Romance
Length: Ongoing


SPANISH by Himitsu Atelier


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  1. Li Wei Wei says:

    I hope you keep translating Just a smile is very alluring it’s a very beautiful novel and I know many people will like at support it. Thank you for putting this novel into a manga! <3

  2. Sanghee says:

    OMG I just finished the drama 2 days ago. I didn’t know there was a manhua. I”m so excited!!! Thank you so much for translating it!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  3. Jessica Z says:

    Hello! I like Love o2o so much, I watched the drama then I found the Manhua online:D
    Do you need help of translating? I really want to translate this Manhua.

  4. neotheo82 says:

    Thank you for scanlating this manhua. I have fallen in love with this manhua. I started reading and watching the LN, movie & drama because of FS. Again… THANK YOU.

  5. Lyn says:

    When will the next update be?! I cant wait to read it! Its so awesome!

  6. XD says:

    I read the novel translations, I watched the tv version, and now there’s a manhua?! Thanks for translating this!

  7. Mia says:

    Thanks so much for translating this! I look forward to when the next chapter is released :))

  8. Nica says:

    Cant wait for the next updates! <3

  9. berry says:

    I love it, and was left hoping for more!!

  10. cong cong says:

    when will you update next chapter? it’s been more than 3 weeks. waiting

  11. Helene says:

    Looking forward to future chapters :D
    Loved the novel, drama and movie and so far ain’t dissapointed with the manhua.

    Hope you will continue till the end <3

  12. Uriel says:

    Thank you so much for translating this. Just want to know when will be the next chapter released?

  13. maea says:

    thanks a lot for sharing…

  14. […] Chapter 40 Chapter 41 […]

  15. rosa says:

    when can we get more updates? It’s been a while :-( please post more chapters

    • Unnoticedkouhai says:

      Hello! Currently, the series is on hiatus.
      Once the artist continues the project, we will upload more chapters.

  16. Nichole J Galindo says:

    Saw the show on Netflix. Then looked up and saw that it’s based on this!!! It’s such gorgeous artistry! I’ve been cramming chapters!!! Will you ever have a hard copy available for purchase? Do you accept donations?

    • Unnoticedkouhai says:

      Thank you so much for reading it! Currently the series is on hiatus with the author.
      Unfortunately, we won’t be making a hard copy as since we are just scanlating for fans.

  17. Helene says:

    When will this be updated?
    Love it so much. really hope that you will continue translating it.

    • Unnoticedkouhai says:

      Unfortunately, we aren’t sure yet.
      The original author put the series on hiatus. We’re still waiting for it to be updated and then as soon as possible, we shall upload a new chapter.

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