Hot Guys Have Something Special

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Title: Hot Guys Have Something Special, 잘나가는 그놈들에겐 뭔가 특별한 것이 있다
Author: HWANG Mi Ri
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Year: 2007
FRENCH by Eternel no Scantrad & Sumire no Team
SPANISH by Kanau Fansub

Our young heroine, Choi Lee Na, has a brother who is the leader of a four man gang. All four of the members are arrogant, and one of them seems to be a playboy. One stormy night, Lee Na somehow bumps into one of them, and ever since then, she can’t forget about him. Could this be the beginning of love?

5 Responses

  1. mstar18 says:

    Just read it and it was very good…thank you for doing this project =)

  2. mstar18 says:

    i continue to love it =) thank u for all ur hard work.

  3. cliff says:

    please continue this :) it looks pretty interesting. Keep up the hard work! And thank you…. <3

  4. Mayjune says:

    I hope you continue this:D It is really interesting! Thanks for you hard work !

  5. XxXx says:

    Has this been stopped? I have been waiting for this since 2013…..I have recently found (I think Vietnamese) raws but I can’t read it….

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