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  1. jovita says:

    pleaasse dont put these mangas on hiatus!!! i only started reading them and i really really want to know what’s next!It’s my favorites so farrr.

  2. Jazz says:

    Really seems like Kights of Alfheim should be added to this list seeing as it hasn’t been updated in over a year.
    Shame really. The plot is very engrossing and I even subscribed to the reader anticipating at least semi-regular monthly or even bi-monthly updates. But, as of today, it has not been updated in over 450 days. It really seems disservice to the fans, if not to the fantastic content. Color me disappointed, Friendship scans. It is not an amiable thing to leave a good story hanging.

    • nomeamez says:

      Ah, true that! I perfectly understand how you feel given the fact its not easy to patiently wait while we the staffs struggles to balance between work, studies, scans work and scouting minions to help us so you guys can read the next release. We humbly apologize for the lack of staff and time to work on your fave project. We feel as bad that some of the projects cant be worked on due to certain circumstances unlike the others. And for the others, well, lets just say you might be in for a huge surprise a few weeks from now xD (Why not join us and help us release faster) XD

  3. durgle dur redurns says:

    Can you guys do Red storm again?
    The guy that was doing it has pretty much quit it seems.
    plz it’s one of my favs.

  4. Homura says:

    You are not going to continue Bride of Deimos anytime soon?

  5. yotsu says:

    pls come back to tokimeki tonight ;_;

  6. Jenny says:

    Are you guys not updating show princess? I’d ready like to know what happens next :/

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