Hey Look! Releases! Finally…

Hello readers~~~

Ehehe we are a little later than usual today, sorry about that ORZ. But hey, it’s still Tuesday in American Samoa…

To use Kat’s metaphor of the chapters being actors, well some of the actors backstage got into a fight and nearly killed each other. We, the directors, were scrambling to pull them apart, but alas, we failed to do so and a catastrophe occurred backstage. Actors were bleeding, props were missing, scripts were burned…so much chaos @_@! In the end, we managed to rush the actors to the emergency room to treat their various cuts and bullet wounds. After hours of surgery and nervous pacing, we were thrilled to hear our star actors would survive; however, they were not ready to perform, so we had to find replacements, fast. We did manage to pick up some people on the street who were willing to act and so here we are today, on this lovely Tuesday (or Wednesday for some), presenting to you readers, our release!

Also, we are releasing that missing chapter from volume 1 of Witch Shop today! Thanks to Meriem from Love-manhwa for her help!

Here are the obligatory recruitment donation blablabla statements:

And, if you want to share something for the magazine. like arts, comics, little stories, poems, reviews and etc. Feel free to e-mail us at friendshipscans@gmail.com

Please don’t forget to donate if you can, our donation button is just above our chat room (right side)… If you have time, come talk to us! We know you’ll surely love us. :P

Come back next Tuesday for more releases~

EDIT: Sorry about the bad links, guys! I’ve reuploaded them to the reader, and they should work now DX!

Chapter 5.1                                        Chapter 7                                       Chapter 19

Chapter 6                                            Chapter 7                                       Chapter 73

Chapter 5

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8 thoughts on “Hey Look! Releases! Finally…

  1. Thanks for the release! I’m really looking forward to Hot guys have something special, so please keep up the hard work ^^

  2. Hey sweethearts, just thought that I’ll drop by and thank you for the translation for V.B. Rose. Thank you for working so hard to get out the translations and scans for us <3 Truly. Thank you so much ^~^

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