Happy Forever Alone Day

Hello people!!

It’s okay, you can be my Valentine, so don’t be too sad :)

I should have gotten someone else to do this release lol…that way this would have felt more special…oh well, I guess you just have to make do with me.

Enjoy the mass release, while you drown in romcoms, choc chip icecreams and cakes….wait what do normal single people do on valentine’s day??…

Thanks for your supports and comments :)

As always, please help us out in any way if you can
We are still in dire need of editors, translators, typesetters, cleaners, more editors and so on…

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Just a Smile is Very Alluring

Chapter 2

Chapter 67

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 22

8 Responses

  1. zilch says:

    Thank you for I-Ren!

  2. ammy says:

    Thanks for your “forever alone day” releases :D I am spending this day reading manga and eating Tiramisu – methinks that’s a great :D

  3. megabadman16 says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you guys were to pick up Red Storm again?

  4. xanthenicole says:

    Thank you for all of these releases of this forever alone day. Would it be possible to fix the link to Descendant of Dynasty?

  5. ach says:

    Thanks for saru lock!
    just curious, you say it’s chapter 67 but in the volume and on the scan itself it says it’s chapter 73. Is this some kind of error?

    Still, I really appreciate the scanlations! Again, many thanks!

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