Devil’s Bride

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Title: Devil’s Bride, 악마의 신부 만들기
Author: KIM Se-Young
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi
Length: 5 Volumes (complete)
SPANISH by Kuroi Namida
RUSSIAN by Moon time
VIETNAMESE by Phoenix Group

After many years of living alone in a deep forest, the devil has gotten lonely. He decides to buy himself a human bride to cure his loneliness as well as help him shed his devil identity. But when his new, beautiful young bride dies suddenly after only a few blissful days, the devil decides this time to build himself a bride. First on his list of items to acquire for the construction of his perfect mate: eyes…

8 Responses

  1. pinkfoot says:

    Thanx 4 the recent update, the story is very interesting so I hope u continue with this project ^_^

    fighting XD

  2. belllda says:

    Thank you very much! ♥

  3. domi says:

    thank you:)

  4. Kuro says:

    please dont ever drop this Q~Q i have been waiting it to be updated for so long and i’m really greatful for you guys translating it…QwQ and thank you so much for all those hard work you guys put on with this …. i will be cheering you guys in my dark fujoshi corner so please updated this as fast as you can ne ~ <3

  5. mina says:

    *squeals* Thank you so much for the release! :D

  6. eli says:

    thank you soooooo much ! I love this one so much ! <3

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