Demon Sacred

Title: Demon Sacred, Demon Seiten, デーモン聖典, Thánh Điển Quái Vật
Author: Itsuki Natsumi
GenreComedy  Drama  Fantasy  Romance  Sci-fi  Shoujo Supernatural
Length: 11 Volumes (Complete)

A symptom which causes one to physically regress till the point of disappearance. A pharmaceutical company which claims to be researching a cure and the cause for this syndrome. What are their motives? And what does a dragon slayer and even a handful of demons have in relation to all this?

17 thoughts on “Demon Sacred

  1. Yay!!! Thank you so so much for picking this up. Absolutely adore it and have been anxiously keeping tabs on its chapter-by-chapter releases by different groups over the past few years. Oh, thank you, thank you!!

  2. Thanks soooo much for continuing this series! I’ve wanted to read it for such a long time but was hesitant to read it since it wasn’t fully translated and hasn’t had new releases for a very long time. Really hope you guys will continue translating until the very end! You have no idea how much this actually means to me so once again, thank you guys so much! :)

  3. Hello,
    I am the administrator of the scan Fascinating Mystery Scans, and wanted to ask if I permiteria the dissemination and publication of the project Demond Sacred, edited and translated to Portuguese.
    Best regards Fascinating Mystery Scan

  4. Hey, I just wanted to say that Demon Sacred is one of my top manga series. It has got me hooked and I want to say thank you for your translations regarding Demon Sacred i cannot wait for the rest to come out. Best of luck to you all!! XD

  5. Hello, it’s been a year since your last update. Just wanted to know when will this manga be updated again? I really appreciate all the work and effort you guys put in translating the manga. Thank you very much. I’m very glad I stumbled upon this manga. :)

  6. Sorry to also add on the insistence…. but, are there any news for this title? :c
    I looooovee it a lot, and it’s so sad to see it just die there after years of following. I’d love to help with anything I could….I just…don’t know how :D

    Hope for the best for it!

    1. Well, we need a proofreader for this project xD and a cleaner! You can teach you how to clean and read the unreleased chapters in advance xD

  7. well maybe I won’t be able to read the raws….but I could learn how to clean! :D
    Proofread goes without saying…I think xD

  8. Thank you for picking up the project where it left off =) I want to report v4ch16 reader cut off at page 29 when there should be at least 40 pages. I hope this will be fixed soon =) Thanks again

  9. I relly like this series. I´m just wondering, are you going to continue with the series??. Thank you for all your work, and hoping to see new chapters in the future.

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