Dear School Gang Leader

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Title: Dear School Gang Leader, Aa! Itoshi no Banchou-sama,

Author: FUJIKATA Mayu
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Length: 6 Volumes (on-going)
FRENCH by Manga Skyline
SPANISH by Himitsu Atelier

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Souka and her recently divorced mother move to a new place to start over. In looking for a school to enroll in, Souka decides to leave her preppy, private high school behind and transfers into a technical high school. To her surprise, she’s the only girl student in the entire school! The first day of school is nothing like she ever imagined — boys crashing through the window, fighting for all they are worth. One day, the school’s current “Bancho” (a term for a gang leader) ambushes Souka. Determined to protect her, Yu, one of the classmates, comes to her rescue, but Yu ends up in a struggle. Trying to help, Souka swings her book bag and ends up taking down the Bancho herself! What Souka didn’t know was that when someone takes down the class’ leader, you became the leader of that class. This wasn’t a role she was expecting for herself, but will she be able to relinquish it?


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  1. Steph says:

    Ahh!! I’m so happy you guys picked this up! I loved the recent chapter and you guys did an awesome job! By the way just curious but do you guys by any chance know why this manga is currently on hiatus?

  2. Ghost says:

    I Love this manga hope you guys will continue this

  3. Miaka says:

    Just want to drop by to express how thankful I am to know that you guys are going to translate this manga!!! I’ve been waiting so long! Thank you very much!!!! Your effort is very much appreciated!

  4. Risas says:

    Thanks for picking up Dear School Gang Leader!!! It’s a great series and you guys did an amazing job! Thanks again for the hard work!!!

  5. Kaimi says:

    Yay! I’m really excited you guys picked this up! It’s one of my favorites! I hope you continue with this one, good luck! ^^ <3

  6. PizzaSpam says:

    when will the next chapter out

  7. PizzaSpam says:

    I love this manga and when will the next chapter out and good lock ^^ <3

  8. Alivia says:

    I love this manga and I’m very excited for the next chapter I hope you guys keep up the amazing good work

  9. RainingRoses says:

    Thank you for translating the manga!! Just finished reading it and I really loved the story~
    Its been a while since the last translated chapter has been released xD Looking the internet, I think the manga might not be on haitus anymore
    If I read it correctly I think the newest chapter was just released in the magazine LALADX (

    • EsteSapphire says:

      Thanks for the support and info:) we will try to see how we can get our hands on the chapters if it truly has been brought out of hiatus

  10. milana says:

    Thank you for translating this series!
    Also was hoping you could continue it now, since it back and running >.<

  11. Vivi says:

    Thank u for translating !!!! I love this series

  12. Ejami says:

    Thank y’all so much for working on this project!

  13. Rini says:

    I was so excited to see this update the other week. Thanks so much!!! I hope you are able to do more updates soon.

  14. Rini says:

    Thanks for the update!!! So good!

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