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Crab KissJust A Smile Is Very Alluring

29 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. OMG!!!!! thank you very much

    I coudn’t believe my eyes when I saw your releases

    I was very pleased and happy because

    all the manga you are translating is all the manga that

    I wanted to be translated <3

    thank you for your hardworking

    I’m looking forward to your releases :)

  2. Thank you for translating Demon Sacred liked the series and was sad when the company stopped publishing in Canada. Thank you for translating ones that can not be bought here. sunny

  3. Thank you for translating Demon Sacred and Ouke no Monshou.

    Its has been a while since you last update Demon Sacred and I would like to ask if you could do something about that….. please please please :) ;)

    Lastly I would like to tell you that you are awsome and I really appreciate all the hard work that you put on all your translations!!!!!

  4. So happy to see V.B. Rose is still being worked on. To think it’s so close to being finished! Can’t wait for the next chapter. =D

  5. Thank you guys so much for picking up V.B Rose! I can tell the series is coming to an end and I’m just so excited to finally finish it!

  6. Hello i just want to say that almost all of the mangas you are translating are my most favorite mangas… Good Job and you guys are so wonderful
    And is want to ask when will the next chapters of drops of dreams golden birdcage, the descendant of the dynasty witch shop, kings of alpheim,chat,tales of Nezha,and ten a no ketsuzoku be released?

  7. Hi friendship scans staff! I really love your releases specially the chie shinohara selections! I’m a huge fan of her Yume no Shizuku ougon no torikago! Thank you very much and I’m hoping for more future releases of such! More power!

  8. gracias por su trabajo lo leeo todos el que mas me gusta es Yume No Shizuku Ougon No Torikago me gustaria sewgir leyyendo lastna que lo accutualizan muy poco

  9. OMG, I didn’t know that you guys translated all these!!! Wow, your the best. Also I want to be of help soon, since I can’t translate I could be a editor soon….if you guys need one. Right now I’m practicing, If I can, I can’t wait to be of help to this awesome group!!

  10. Thank you for working so hard on all those wonderfull projects! I’m practicing on PS so I can help with typesetter work. I hope to be able to help frienshipscans in a near futer. I lovee My brother, my Boyfriend and He. I actually love all your projects….you all have good taste :-)

  11. Thank you thank you thank you for translating Just A Smile Is Very Alluring. I watched the drama and the movie.. Haven’t got the time to read the novel and now there’s a manhua. I’m so excited for this manhua. Please keep translating and sharing your hardwork. Again thank you so much!!!

  12. thank you for translating koukyuu days I love it so much!! I know it’s hard work and it takes a lot of time but please keep translating it! Again lots of thanks!!!!!

  13. Thanks you so much for you work, i tried to apply for cleaner but the link is boken. If you can correctec i would be please to help.

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