Akaki Tsuki no Meguru Koro

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Title: Akaki Tsuki no Meguru Koro , 赤き月の廻るころ, 赤色之月 轮回之时
Author: KIGAWA Arata
Artist: OTONAKA Sawaki
Genre: Fantasy,  Mystery,  Romance,  Shoujo,  Supernatural
Length: 2 Volumes (Complete)
ITALIAN by Manga Cosmo
SPANISH by Sweet Yaoi Scans
VIETNAMESE by Lacrimis Tenebris

Riu is the only daughter of Kioka Saenji, the 11th generation head of the famous Rokugi Kabuki theatre house. Since she was small, she has had a recurring dream about a man under the red moon—a man she didn’t know, until she attended one of the performances of her brothers. The man turns out to be Rui, one of the heirs of the Akatsuki house.

The Akatsuki House is distantly related to the Rokugi House. Just recently, the 10th head of Akatsuki House, Ashikawa Enjuuro, died. The family is on the process of choosing his successor among the three adopted sons, one of which is Rui.

What relation will Riu have with Rui? Why does she dream of him dying every night?

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  1. cinta says:

    Thank you for the release. I’ve been waiting so long since the 2nd chapter

  2. yogula says:

    Thank you very much

  3. Mayu says:

    Thank you for the new release. Can this series be listed in the voting module on the left too?

  4. kimi says:

    Thank chuu very much for the release! <3

  5. Hikagami says:

    thanks for this beautiful series :)

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