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☆ Release #13

Phew! (ノ*°▽°*) The past few weeks have been hectic as I have so much school work to do (; ̄Д ̄) (Projects today, homework tomorrow, performance tasks everyday of the week!) Aside from my rambles, I have a got a great treat for all you lovely readers! The first chapter of the fifth volume of Dear School Gang…
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☆ Release #12

After a million years! Here’s a new release of your most awaited projects! I deeply apologize for the late release once again!  School work makes everyone busy!  Also, do you have any projects you want for the next update? Comment them down below! I would like to thank our lovely staff for their hard work, and…
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☆ Release #11

Praise the heavens! To those who have had a rough week, you have passed through the storm. But if you are a student like me, well— the sea isn’t that clear yet. (Stop procrastinating Kouhai!) Anyways, I deeply apologize for the late release of your awaited projects. I would like to blame myself for getting…
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☆ Release #10

Happy summer holidays to everyone! And bummer to those whose classes have already started. (i feel your pain. school sucks…) How does time fly by so quick? Weren’t you binge reading your favorite manga yesterday? Where did all the time go? But anyways, hope everyone else has a wonderful start to their summer vacation! Thank…
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☆ Release #9

A pleasant day to you all!  Now, let’s get started with news regarding the series we’re scanlating!   CURRENT PROJECTS  After a million years, we’ve finally gotten Dragon Pearl Boy ready to go! Chapter 13 has been released below. With this, there’s three chapters left until we complete the series. Seems like Just One Smile Is…
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☆ Release #8

Hello everyone! Dream of Loulan Kingdom is coming to a close! With the release of the extra chapter, one volume is left! With the last special chapter of Scarlet Palace, it is finally finished! (after a million decades) Please continue to support the author in her new series! It seems Just One Smile is Very…
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