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☆ Release #5

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful month, week, day, so far! It’s been quite busy, so we didn’t have enough time to reach a bi-monthly release/s. For anyone who sent in their tests for recruitment, I apologize for the delay! We will reply to your messages today. As always, head to our recruitment page…
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☆ Release #4

Cheers for another release! We’re going to be picking a new Korean project at the end of the month, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to send them in our forum! As always, we’re looking for all positions. But especially a Japanese Translator for Koukyuu Days, a Cleaner for Just One Smile Is…
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☆ Release #3

Happy advanced Valentines day! What a day full of love and happiness! And for those who don’t have a significant (like me, rip) let’s bury ourselves in romance manga and anime to cure our hearts. Right now, we’re in a desperate need for a cleaner for Just A Smile Is Very Alluring! If you would…
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☆ Release #2

Hello again! Here’s another release! As always, we’re looking for all positions. But specifically; a Chinese translator for Scarlet Palace, cleaners and typesetters for all projects. We’re also looking for raws for Prince of the Night. If you like that series, please do help us on our search for the one piece raws. Song of the…
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☆ Release #1

Hello! Here’s another release. And after a billion years, Spirit of the Ocean is finally finished! We’re always looking for translators and editors! If you want to help us release your favorite series’ faster, take our tests in the forum! Right now, we’re in dire need of a Chinese Translator for Scarlet Palace. Chapter 33…
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Happy Holidays Release!

Hello everyone! To celebrate the holidays, here’s a huge release from all of us from Friendship Scans! Hope you had a wonderful day with the festivities. As always, we’re looking for more translators, cleaners and typesetters! Help us release your favorite manga, manhua and manhwa faster by helping us out! Email us at for…
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