☆ Project Poll & Updates ☆

  PROJECT POLL I know how hard it is waiting for your favorite project to be updated (´。• ᵕ •。`). Constantly, hovering over the project’s page on mangaupdates (sigh).  Or constantly hovering over the project on a reading website (sigh again).  I have create a solution for you! (Well, a solution that could work) I have created a poll, […]

Poll! #1

Hello everyone! What would you like us to release next? Here’s your chance to pick your favorites! Mechanics:  Vote for up to three of your favorite series. The top three series with the most votes will be released in the month or so, unless there are problems. Pick a number from 1 to 100. The winning […]

New position!

Hello readers! I want to inform you all of a unique position that has just opened up. It is an assistant. Here is a description of it from our site: An assistant’s job is to assist! There is no definite job description for assistants, as they do a variety of different work. Some examples of […]

Re-translations! Please read!

Hello all, We regret to say that we’ve lost our the list of other language groups re-translating our projects; since we haven’t heard anything from the re-translation groups, we will be restarting our list on a blank page. :) All groups are welcome to use our translations as long as you properly ask permission by […]

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