Poll! #1

Hello everyone! What would you like us to release next? Here’s your chance to pick your favorites! Mechanics:  Vote for up to three of your favorite series. The top three series with the most votes will be released in the month or so, unless there are problems. Pick a number from 1 to 100. The winning […]

New position!

Hello readers! I want to inform you all of a unique position that has just opened up. It is an assistant. Here is a description of it from our site: An assistant’s job is to assist! There is no definite job description for assistants, as they do a variety of different work. Some examples of […]

Re-translations! Please read!

Hello all, We regret to say that we’ve lost our the list of other language groups re-translating our projects; since we haven’t heard anything from the re-translation groups, we will be restarting our list on a blank page. :) All groups are welcome to use our translations as long as you properly ask permission by […]

All Hail Raw Providers!!!

From our head translator and our PR person, Naninyanko: Yes yes it’s another darn announcement!! It seems that’s all we do lately, writing announcements, love letters and challenge invitations to each other (and though all of these activities are highly addictive and amusing, as much as we wanted to stick to them, we gotta try […]

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