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who are we

A scanlation group created to share the manga that we love with everyone.

We hope to meet and become friends with the many people we become acquainted with.

How can i download a chapter
Our online reader is available on our website. There is a direct download button for all of our series.

when will the next release be

Every two weeks. However, during special events the release date will be announced ahead of time.

As much as possible, we try to have each project come out at least every three months.

If a project that you have been looking forward to has not been updated in the time frame;
it means that the project is extremely difficult to work on.

Though if your favorite project is not being released enough, come help us out! 

do you drop projects

Yes. However, we have two strict rules on why we drop our projects.

1.  The project gets licensed.
2. Another group starts releasing the project.

can we retranslate

Yes. Please, e-mail  friendshipscans@gmail.com the information below:

Your group name, the project(s) you would like to retranslate, and the language.

Please take note that the maximum number of projects a group can request is ten.

may i host

Yes. Under the following conditions:

1.  Post the chapter after 48 hours. So we have time to correct any mistakes. 
2.  Upload the chapter as it is, please do not remove the credit pages. 
3. Do not claim the work as your own.
4. Do not sell our work.

may i join

Of course! Please head on to our recruitment page to check the details.

We recruit anyone who is willing to help and learn!

how can i contact

You can contact us by e-mail: friendshipscans@gmail.com or
by clicking the contact us page on the website.

download link broke
Please inform us about the problem regarding the download.

E-mail us at friendshipscans@gmail.com and we will get it fixed as soon as possible.

Or, you may click the contact us page in the website.

do u scanlate licensed
This is not up for debate.


 For manga readers, it is where you find the latest announcements and news about your favorite projects.
You can also discuss about your most awaited projects and suggest more to the Friendship Scans staff.

For aspiring staff, it is where the recruitment tests are located. See the recruitment page for more information.
You may also talk with staff members for tips and tricks for the test or tests you are about to take.

For staff members, it is where everything related to scanlation is located.
The projects, the staff board, and the trainee boot camp is here.
You can also chat with other members and have fun!

request a project

Yes!  Let us know by posting at the Project Suggestion Thread in the forum.

Read the details on how to suggest in the forum.

do u pay

All staff volunteer to do work.

no response
Checking the tests require a lot of time to do.
Depending on which test you took, the waiting times are different.

Editor tests, including cleaning and typesetting, take a while to do.
As we have to check each page individually.

Translator and proofreader tests are quick to check.

Please, do not spam the e-mail if you have not received a quick reply.
We do see the test you sent, and we are probably checking on it.
Spamming does not quicken the checking process.

That is because the position you want to apply for is overstaffed.
If possible, you could try applying for the other positions available.

Click the recruitment page for more information.


It depends.
If you wish to work on a joint project,
please, e-mail us at  friendshipscans@gmail.com for more information.

You may also apply through the contact us page.

not here
Please e-mail us at friendshipscans@gmail.com, or by visiting the contact us page in our website.


Thank you for your interest and support!


8 Responses

  1. Megumi Yamamoto says:

    For: Tsukiko Tokoyami

    >The Group name: Dzeta Fansub
    >Link to the Group site : http://fdzeta.com/dzeta-fansub-378/
    >Which language will the project(s) be re-translated to: Spanish
    >The project(s) that you want to re-translate: Chat & Helios Chronicles

    Trank you!

  2. Caro says:

    For: Caro

    >The Group name: Usagi No Fansub
    >Link to the Group site : https://www.facebook.com/UsagiNoFansub
    >Which language will the project(s) be re-translated to: Spanish
    >The project(s) that you want to re-translate: Bride (Aivan)

    Trank you!

  3. Emilia Rendon says:

    For: emilia261984
    ASL sign Language

    >The Group name: maria no shiroblog
    >Link to the Group site :www.facebook.com/emilia261984 and http://marianoshiroblog.wordpress.com
    >Which language will the project(s) be re-translated to: English
    >The project(s) that you want to re-translate: Rinko Ueda

    thank you!

  4. kyannn39 says:

    thanks for the faq. but i noticed that your reader doesn’t have download button per chapter compared to your previous “type” of reader. e.g. Devil’s Bride ch4-15 from past type of reader, although it has download button per chapter the files are none and all are 22mb but when opened with winrar – there’s none. While the new type of reader where there’s ch15-23 (current) there’s no download button that can be found and the pages/files are available.

  5. Scarlet 3x says:

    I wanna join the friendshipscan so what should I do

  6. Kimgech pov says:

    Do we get paid from translating manhua? And if we get paid how much do we get?

    • Unnoticedkouhai says:

      I apologize. Like most scanlation groups, we do not pay our staff. However, you can apply at publishing companies for paid jobs.

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