Q= Who are we?
A= We are a scanlation group that was created to share the manga that we love with everyone. We hope to meet and become friends with the many people we become acquainted with.

Q= How can I download the chapters for the “X” project?
A= On our online reader, there is a direct download button for every chapter.

Q= When will the next chapter of X project come out?
A= Our official release date is on Tuesdays; however, during special events, the release date will be announced ahead of time. We try to have every project come out at least every ~3 months. If it’s been longer, that probably means that project is difficult to work on for some reason. Obviously, the projects that are easier to work on/more people want to work on it will come out faster, so if your favorite project isn’t being released enough, come help us out :D!

Q= Is X project dropped?
A= No, we don’t drop any projects unless they are licensed.

Q= How can I contact you?
A= friendshipscans@gmail.com

Q= May my group retranslate your project to another language?
A= For permission, please email your group name, projects that you would like to retranslate, and the language that you will be retranslating to to friendshipscans@gmail.com. Please note that the maximum # of projects a group can request is 10, not including completed projects and fully updated ones.

Q= Can I host your releases on other sites?
A= Yes under the following conditions:
1. We have a 48 hour delay (mostly so we have time to correct any mistakes made during QC)
2. Upload our chapter exactly how it has been uploaded on our site (no reordering/removing credits, etc.)
3. Don’t claim our work as your own
4. Don’t sell our work

Q= May I join your scanlation group?
A= Of course! We are always glad to recruit more help to us.
Go to our RECRUITMENT page to see the details about how you can help. We recruit anyone who is willing to help and willing to learn. We will find a job for you at FS. There is always room for more!

Q= Do you accept joints?
A= It depends. If you wish to work on a joint project with us, please e-mail us at friendshipscans@gmail.com.

Q= Download link is broken. What do I do?
A= Please inform us about any problems you encounter regarding our downloads. Send us an email at: friendshipscans@gmail.com or just comment on the page, and we will get it fixed ASAP.

Q= Do you scanlate licensed mangas?
A= No.

Q= Can I request a manga title for you to scanlate?
A= Yes, you can, let us know what you’re requesting at Project Suggestion at the forum.

Q= My Question isn’t here.
A= Contact us at our e-mail: friendshipscans@gmail.com

6 Responses

  1. Megumi Yamamoto says:

    For: Tsukiko Tokoyami

    >The Group name: Dzeta Fansub
    >Link to the Group site : http://fdzeta.com/dzeta-fansub-378/
    >Which language will the project(s) be re-translated to: Spanish
    >The project(s) that you want to re-translate: Chat & Helios Chronicles

    Trank you!

  2. Caro says:

    For: Caro

    >The Group name: Usagi No Fansub
    >Link to the Group site : https://www.facebook.com/UsagiNoFansub
    >Which language will the project(s) be re-translated to: Spanish
    >The project(s) that you want to re-translate: Bride (Aivan)

    Trank you!

  3. Emilia Rendon says:

    For: emilia261984
    ASL sign Language

    >The Group name: maria no shiroblog
    >Link to the Group site :www.facebook.com/emilia261984 and http://marianoshiroblog.wordpress.com
    >Which language will the project(s) be re-translated to: English
    >The project(s) that you want to re-translate: Rinko Ueda

    thank you!

  4. kyannn39 says:

    thanks for the faq. but i noticed that your reader doesn’t have download button per chapter compared to your previous “type” of reader. e.g. Devil’s Bride ch4-15 from past type of reader, although it has download button per chapter the files are none and all are 22mb but when opened with winrar – there’s none. While the new type of reader where there’s ch15-23 (current) there’s no download button that can be found and the pages/files are available.

  5. Scarlet 3x says:

    I wanna join the friendshipscan so what should I do

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