100 Discord Users Celebration Raffle!

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100 Discord Users Celebration Raffle!

Hello everyone!

To celebrate reaching 100 users in our discord server, I will be hosting a celebration raffle! You now have the chance to pick a project of ours that we will update and release.

We will be picking three winners! Each winner must choose three projects that they want us to update. The first project mentioned will be the one we will update while the last two choices will be the substitute if we are not able to release the first option.

There are no requirements, but if you join our discord server, you will be given two extra entries of winning the raffle. If you answer the last question correctly, you will be given another extra entry for winning the raffle.

After one month, the form will be closed and the winners will be notified through email and/or discord. The winners will be selected through a randomizer application.

All you have to do is to answer the questions in the form below.
Click here!
(If you can’t access the link above, here’s the link itself: https://forms.gle/sqarsCtru1mfRmxh6)

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  1. Rence says:

    May I have the discord link?

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