☆ Release #9

Scanlating since 2012!

☆ Release #9

A pleasant day to you all! 

Now, let’s get started with news regarding the series we’re scanlating!



After a million years, we’ve finally gotten Dragon Pearl Boy ready to go! Chapter 13 has been released below. With this, there’s three chapters left until we complete the series.

Seems like Just One Smile Is Very Alluring is on hiatus instead of complete at chapter 50. After we release chapter 50, we’ll stay tuned to see if it updates any time soon.

Additionally, we also got Descendants of the Dynasty running too! Please look forward to the next chapters, starting at chapter 27 below.

Wata no Kunihoshi‘s also on a update streak with two new chapters!

We need lots of help for our Hwang Mi Ri and Han Yu-Rang projects. If you’d like to help in any way possible, please send us a message on slack or on email. Most of them need translators and editors to slip out of the brink of hiatus status.


We need more Japanese translators for our japanese projects, such as Demon Sacred and Dear School Gang Leader! Please feel free to take our test on our forum. (We would love to have new slaves friends!)

Also, our Editor-in-Training spots are open again! If you want to learn how to clean and typeset, here’s your chance. However, you need to be dedicated because cleaning and typesetting are quite difficult to learn. (especially cleaning. cleaning hurts. send help.)


We’re taking up two new projects for the next release! Both are Chinese Projects: Sorcerer Maiden, and A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting To Be Appreciated. Please look forward to them.

On the behalf of Friendship Scans, here’s the release! I would like to thank our hardworking staff for working excellently on these chapters.


Chapter 13


Chapter 32


Chapter 21


Chapter 72
Chapter 73


Chapter 40


Chapter 4


Just a Smile is Very Alluring
Chapter 42
Chapter 43


Chapter 11
Chapter 12


Chapter 34


Chapter 45
Chapter 46


Chapter 27


Chapter 27

6 Responses

  1. Vhy says:

    Thanks for the Genjuu no Seiza chapter!

  2. Enma says:

    Thank u for Drops of dreams, the golden birdcage!

  3. camey says:

    Thank u so much for the hard work!!
    I always look forward to your releases knights of alfheim and hakushaku reijou..

    • Unnoticedkouhai says:

      More Knights of Alfheim shall come your way! Thank you for your support!
      Will try our best to release more Hakushaku Reijou. c:

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