☆ Release #8

Scanlating since 2012!

☆ Release #8

Hello everyone!

Dream of Loulan Kingdom is coming to a close! With the release of the extra chapter, one volume is left!

With the last special chapter of Scarlet Palace, it is finally finished! (after a million decades) Please continue to support the author in her new series!

It seems Just One Smile is Very Alluring is also coming to a close! Its last chapter is chapter 50… (why only 50 chapters? that isn’t enough!)

One last chapter of Immature Earthling Friend before we move it to hiatus. 🙁 We’re in desperate need of cleaners and korean translators for the project!

Another series we picked up! Please read Chapter 40 of Apothecarius Argentum below!

Lastly, we’re picking up Ah! Itoshi no Banchousama or Dear School Gang Leader! If you want to help out, we’re in need of Japanese translators and cleaners for the project!

And as always, we’re in desperate need of Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese translators! We also need lots of cleaners for all our projects! If you want to help us release faster, please do take our tests in our forum.

That’s all for the news, now here’s the release!


Chapter 22.1


Extra Chapter [End]


Chapter 33


Just a Smile is Very Alluring
Chapter 42
Chapter 43


Chapter 26


Chapter 40


Chapter 27


Chapter 10


Chapter 71


Chapter 28


Chapter 28


Chapter 40


Chapter 2
Chapter 3

7 Responses

  1. noxvulpes says:

    Oh my god, thanks so much for picking up Argentum! It’s been a LONG time since someone picked it up. *hugs*

  2. Tarry says:

    Ummm actually there’s six volumes (total 69 chapters) for dream of loulan kingdom? So if the last chap scanlated by you guys was chap 22, then there’s def more than 1 remaining volume …

    • Unnoticedkouhai says:

      There’s actually 27 chapters of Dream of Loulan Kingdom, not 69 chapters. The last volume, volume six, contains five chapters.

  3. camey says:

    Thank u for all the amazing releases!!

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