☆ Release #7

Hello everyone!

So let’s start about the new things on this release! We have a new Chinese project called Memory Lost, and you can read its debut chapter below. For its plot, you can check out Memory Lost’s page below too. On the other hand, Scarlet Palace has finally ended with its last chapter, Chapter 31.

Scarlet Palace also has one special/extra chapter, so I hope you check that out too.

For those who love reading Drops of Dream: The Golden Birdcage and Koukyuu Days, we’re in great need of Japanese translators. Feel free to take our tests in our forum and specify that you want to work for those projects.

We’ve finally updated Scarlet Cross after a while. Yaaay! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Genjuu no Seiza, Tiara, and Umi no Yami are in dire need of cleaners. Hope you want to help out your favorite projects by taking our cleaner tests!

And as always, we’re looking for Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese Translators! We are looking for lots of cleaners and some typesetters too! Check out our recruitment forum for more information.

Join our slack group chat for fun, updates about your favorite projects, and just plain inquiries! Here’s the link: https://join.slack.com/t/friendshipscans/shared_invite/enQtMjc4MDg3OTY1MDYzLWQ1NGExZjEzYmYxYzM3Yzc1ODE3Njk4MzM5NzJlYjkzNzdlZTQyYWY2MWExOGIwN2NhNWY4MWIxZjc5NGU4MjA

Here’s another release, brought to you by the hardworking staff of friendshipscans! Any support would be great!

Chapter 31


Chapter 20.1
Chapter 20


Chapter 32


Chapter 25


Chapter 43
Chapter 44


Just a Smile is Very Alluring
Chapter 40
Chapter 41


Chapter 1

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12 thoughts on “☆ Release #7

  1. Thank you very much!!!! I like very much Scarlet cross and to tell the truth I couldn’t wait for the new release, especially now that the things are getting very strange. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  2. Are you for real? C 31 is the last one for Scarlet Palace? I thought there was a couple more? It was a long time coming, this was one of my favs that was time delayed!!! Thanks for finishing it.

    1. Yes, chapter 31 is the last chapter. (Which I also found very abrupt.) However, there is one special chapter, chapter 31.1 or chapter 32, which will be released on the next release. And thank you so much for the support!

  3. Awesome! This is a huge milestone for me, my first released project that I took part of! Thank you everyone at Friendship Scans for all the patience, support, hard work, and love!


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