☆ Release #6

Hello everyone!

We’ve picked up a new project, Apothecarius Argentum! I hope you’ll check it out! If we work on it fast enough, we’ll get one chapter out for the next release!

And as always, we’re looking for Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese Translators! We are looking for lots of cleaners and some typesetters too! Check out our recruitment forum for more information.

Here’s another release, brought to you by the hardworking staff of friendshipscans! Any support would be great!

Chapter 22


Chapter 30
Chapter 31


Chapter 24


Chapter 26


Chapter 69
Chapter 70


Chapter 26
Chapter 27



Chapter 42



Chapter 31


Chapter 27


Just a Smile is Very Alluring
Chapter 38
Chapter 39

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9 thoughts on “☆ Release #6

  1. Will you be working on Tenma no Ketsuzoku and Ouke no Monshou any time soon? Just want to say thanks for the consistent update on Koukyuu Days – Shichi Kuni Monogatari

    1. Thank you for your support! But we dropped Ouke no Monshou since it’s being worked on by Misty Rain Scans. On the other hand, Tenma is in need of translators and lots of other positions.

  2. Thank uuuu very much for the great work really wonderful..
    and me too I want glass no kamen to be translated if u can I really luv it so much..
    and sad to hear u dropped ouke no monshou cause there are two chapters that are not translated 63 and 64 and i’m still waiting for them..
    But Thank you so much for the hard work.

  3. Omg! T – H – A – N – K Y – O – U by Drops of Dreams The Golden Birdcage! I love this manga so much! and I definitely love this Scan <3
    English is not my first language and I am disappointed that the Scans of my country do not translate, so I come and read here.
    Good job. <3

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