☆ Release #28

Scanlating since 2012!

☆ Release #28

Welcome to the weekly rant show (´;︵;`)!

And on today’s agenda, we have nothing. I’ve been sitting for around an hour now thinking about what should I rant talk about. And… I have nothing. Tune in for next week on the weekly rant show (• ε •) ! 

Alright, back to the release! Remember when I said I’ll release the next release on May 15? Guess again… Please blame my schedule, everything is so hectic OTL. I’ve brought back another chapter of Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri and Genjuu no Seiza since many people wanted more. Tale of the Bamboo Cutter is back for releasing, yay!

The 100 Discord Users Celebration Raffle is still going on! You have the chance to choose which projects should be put on a weekly basis for a month! Click here to join! The contest deadline was moved to the end of May

Back to the announcements~ 


We urgently need Japanese Translators for Wata no Kunihoshi, and cleaners for Tiara.
If you’re interested, hit us up through e-mail or discord. ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Like always, we’re still looking for more typesetters as well!

NOTE: If there's a specific project you want to do, do not 
hesitate to tell us once you submit your recruitment e-mail!

Please do join our discord server!
The link!

Chapter 20 

Chapter 39

Chapter 45

Chapter 48

Chapter 41

Crab Kiss
Chapter 22

Chapter 37

Chapter 3

Chapter 84


5 Responses

  1. ( ^ω^ ) says:

    Thank you for your hard work (^_^)
    And thank you lots for genjuu no seiza (*≧∀≦*) (*≧∀≦*)

    • Unnoticedkouhai says:

      Thank you so much for reading Genjuu ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้!!

  2. New Reader! says:

    Thank you for translating Genjuu no Seiza! I binge-read all the chapters last night and I absolutely love the manga! :)

    I know that this a long shot, but I hope that your team can think about picking up Hyakki Yakoushou! The former scanlation team for Hyakki Yakoushou dropped the series, so I would be extremely grateful if Friendship Scans can pick it up. The overall vibes of Hyakki Yakoushou remind me of Genjuu no Seiza (and Natsume Yuujinchou if you guys are familiar with Natsume), which is why I hope that Friendship Scans is willing to try picking it up! :) Of course, this is just a suggestion and wish from a reader, but I do hope that Friendship Scans can fall to like Hyakki Yakoushou too!

    • Unnoticedkouhai says:

      Thank you so much for the support! (ᵔᴥᵔ)
      Thank you for the suggestion as well! I’ll list it down on our Project Suggestion tab in our google sheets.
      We still need to finish more Japanese projects before taking in new ones (because we’re currently on overload with the ones we have now) :>

  3. Lienali says:

    Thanks for more Genjuu no Seiza! :)

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